Buying residential property through super

Discover how savvy property investors use their self-managed super funds to purchase residential property and build lasting tax-free wealth!

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When it comes to your superannuation, most funds are invested in shares, fixed interest, and cash. But there’s another asset that has the potential to measurably outperform them all in the long run – residential property. Though not for everyone, quality residential property purchased using the right strategy can deliver a sizable payoff.

Why should you consider residential property acquisition through your super?

You only need a fraction of the purchase price

Using an SMSF, you won’t need to buy property outright. All you’ll need is a 20 percent deposit plus costs (e.g. stamp duty, legal fees, etc.). Your SMSF can borrow the rest from the bank, and you simply invest the remainder of those funds in alternative assets.

All expenses are paid by your super fund

Your super contributions, tax benefits, and rental income should be sufficient enough to pay all loan repayments and ongoing property expenses, such as body corporate fees, rates, and landlord’s insurance.

Keep property in the family for generations

Transfer property to future generations without needing to change property ownership, pay stamp duty, or trigger unnecessary capital gains taxes. Accomplish this while still offering beneficiaries the same tax and asset protection benefits.

You can achieve exponential capital growth

When you borrow to buy property through your super, your fund will have significantly more capital working for you. A larger capital value compounding over time could mean tremendous growth and a higher super balance in the future.

You could reap significant tax advantages

Investing in property over time in a tax-advantaged SMSF can eliminate contributions and income taxes each year – saving tens or even hundreds of thousands in capital gains tax. This can have a tremendous effect on your future wealth.

You can reduce debts faster using pre-tax dollars

A SMSF is the only structure that lets you pay off your SMSF loan using pre-tax dollars. This translates into faster loan pay-off and potential savings of thousands of dollars in interest each year.