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The following case study related to a real life example of how we helped Michael and Kirsty achieve the following SMSF savings

Fee saving in the 1st year

$ 0

Fee savings over 5 years

$ 0 +

Fee savings over 10 years

$ 0 +

Whilst this is an actual example, all personal details have been changed, for confidentiality purposes.

Our Clients

Michael and Kirsty were referred to us by a friend. They were concerned that their superannuation funds were not being maximised, and that they were paying excessive management and financial advice fees. They heard a lot about self-managed super funds and wanted to find out whether it would be a viable option for them.

They had 4 retail super funds with a combined value of $1,303,101.

The problems before we got involved

How RNO Financial helped Keith and Bernadette

The results