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The following case study relates to a real life example of how we helped Joe and his business achieve the following results

In annual tax savings

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Establish an additional 4 highly profitable business

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Protect business & personal assets from lawsuits


Whilst this is an actual example, all personal details have been changed, for confidentiality purposes.

Our Clients

Joe owns a successful financial services business in the Sydney’s South-West. He came in to see us when his business was in start-up phase. At that time his business was set up by his previous accountant in a company structure.

Joe wanted to simplify his business tax, administration and payroll because it was taking too much of his time, and look at the most RNO Financial way to structure his business.

Achieving financial security for his family was equally as important as his business, and wanted to use some of his business profits to fund his lifestyle and grow his family wealth.

The problems before we got involved

How RNO Financial helped Keith and Bernadette

The results